How to create and set a static front page in WordPress – MH Theme

How to create and set a static front page in WordPress – MH Theme

Step 1 – Create a new page and select Homepage as page template

Creating a widgetized static front page for use with WordPress themes by MH Themes is very easy and can be done quickly by carefully following these few simple steps. First, navigate to Pages in your WordPress dashboard, create a new page named Home (or anything else), select Homepage as template for your new page as shown on the image below and then publish the page:


Select the widgetized “Homepage” page template for your static front page

Important: If you select the widgetized Homepage template which is included in most of our WordPress themes, you won’t need to add any content in the WordPress editor for your static front page because this content will be ignored. Content will be displayed on your front page by using widgets instead.

Step 2 – Set your new page as static front page in WordPress

After you’ve created and published the page which you want to use as your static front page, please perform the next step. Navigate to Settings => Reading in your WordPress dashboard, set your just newly created page (e.g. Home) as Front page and save your settings correctly:

Set your page as static front page in WordPress

Step 3 – Place widgets on your static front page

As soon as you have saved these settings in your WordPress dashboard, the static front page with the widgetized Homepage template is set. In this final step, you can now navigate to Appearance => Widgets in your WordPress dashboard and place the widgets in any of the available widget areas like stated in the theme documentation for your particular WordPress theme.

You can start placing widgets after you’ve created your widgetized static front page correctly

In case you’re using our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme, you can replicate the layout of the various theme demos by simply placing the widgets as stated for each demo and by adjusting a couple of settings for fonts, layout, colors, widget title layouts and more using the provided options.

Step 4 (optional) – Create an additional blog/archive page

If you want, you can create an additional page that displays all of your posts in chronological order like on a classic blog / archive. To achieve this, navigate to Pages in your WordPress dashboard, create a new page and name it Blog, Archive or whatever you want, publish the new page and then navigate to Settings => Reading in your WordPress dashboard to set this page as your Posts page:

Create an additional posts page for classic blog / archive view

Quick Tip: By default WordPress displays up to 10 posts on archives. You can determine how many posts are being displayed on your archives and blog page by adjusting the “Blog pages show at most” setting in your WordPress dashboard under Settings => Reading based on your personal needs and requirements.

So, that basically was all you need to create a static front page (including optional archive / blog page) in WordPress. After you’ve carefully completed the above 3-4 steps to create and set your static front page, you have accomplished the basic configuration of your website which is essential in order to proceed with the configuration of WordPress themes by MH Themes. You can now go ahead and take advantage of all the available features and options within your WordPress theme.

That’s also good to know!

For better usability and SEO we recommend that you navigate to Settings => Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard and change the default permalink structure to Post name. This will give your posts and pages a pretty URL structure which will help search engines to index your site properly and also help users to navigate on your site. You can learn more about WordPress permalinks in this article:

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